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LAST UPDATED: March 19, 2019

Topics include:

How do I change my password?

    To change your password click on Account Setting and change password then clcik Save

How do I change my Username?

    Click on [Change Settings] under change username change the name, you may need to click the TIC box to confirm you want to change

How to Edit/Change DOB

    Go to your profile page, Click [Edit Profile} change/Edit your birth date

How do I change my Profile page URL?

    To change your default URL from to a more user friendly URL such as, Click Account Settings - on the User Name section type Marco (example)  replace [Marco] with whatever name you wish your profile page to look like.

How do I create a Page or group. ?

    If you wish to create a page for a group or personal use, on the drop down main menue click on Page then click Create Page, follow the promts to finish the details of the page creation i.e, selecting an image for your page, a description of what the page is about, who has permission to view or interact with your page, after the page is created you may want to add a cover photo for the top of your page and change the URL of your page.
    How do I change the URL of my page/group?

How do I change my profile cover image?

    Go to your profile page and click on [Change Cover] select 1 of 4 options (1) Choose from Photo’s (2) Upload photo (3) Reposition (4) Remove

How do I change my Email Address

How do I change my Avatar

How do I change my profile banner

How do I upload a new Document


We encourage everyone to post on our website in either the Blogs, Forums etc. etc.

Posting content directly from other websites, in generally terms this is sometimes not a problem, however sometimes because of differences in format styles ad architecture that different website use, one websites chosen code may differ and be incompatible for the use on g0ysRus, unless you first copy and paste your content into a plain text editor. Such as Windows notes or Text-pad

Why is this important?

When using a plain text editor, it will remove any and all unwanted or incompatible formatting allowing you to start your text with a clean slate. once you have your text laid out in your plain text editor, you can then copy that text and paste it in the forums or blogs on g0ysRus and then use our internal editor and continue to format your post the way you want it to look and feel.